Dream Pavilion – Bethnal Green

The triumph pavilion 2014 is set in the heart of the childhood museum gardens in Bethnal Green, London. The tranquil setting allows for a peaceful environment for thoughts, images and collected expressions of the city to come together in this interactive public space.

Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green

The form of the structure drew inspiration from a solid rectangular mass that was fragmented and opened up to create an undulating geometric form. Each end of the pavilion attracts entry due to its human scale, contrasting the rest of the structure. The scale changes allowing for a constant change of thought when traveling through, somewhat a key concept of the architects. The direction also varies, creating hidden corners, blank spots and spaces that feel more closed or open depending on the angle the visitor looks through. The theme of this years pavilion is ‘dream’ hence its name ‘dream pavilion’. Its self-supporting structure is constructed primarily out of OSB sheet, timber and untreated mild steel and stands 4m tall at its peak. The structure is dramatic in a subtle way. It isn’t imposing due to its fragmented structure but makes a bold statement in the centre of the gardens.

The pavilion is designed this year by a London based practice called IPT Architects who were selected to create this years project out of hundreds of other proposals. The Triumph Pavilion competition attracts hundreds of contestants annually from all over the globe.

Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green

Key to this years pavilion concept, the architects had to create a space that provided an inspirational and interactive space that everyone from architects to the general public could utilize at their own will. A main factor of the design was to create a space that not only looked interesting but sparked conversation and held the facilities to accommodate talks and discussions aswell as the space to relax and enjoy the environment, something that IPT Architects have achieved.

Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green

Next years Triumph Pavilion theme Is ‘sky pavilion’ which we look forward to visiting in 2015.Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green Dream Pavilion - Bethnal green


Launched:  5th June 2014

Images: Giacomo  Cannata ©Pixzzart

Words: Jessica MacNally


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