1pm – 8pm, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January 2018

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Architect at Work UK

ARCHITECT@WORK will return to Olympia National Hall for its sixth London edition. The global, two-day event is aimed at architects, designers and specifiers and is free to registered visitors. The two days offer complimentary catering throughout, encouraging networking and downtime as well as deal-making opportunities. The theme of this year’s show is LIGHT which will be reflected in the show’s features and talks programme.

Architect at Work UK


Kinetech Design will present two folded aluminium sculptures at the show. The company’s founders merged their expertise in kinetic art, light sculpture and paper engineering to create foldable aluminium structures for applications in architecture, interior design and art. Endless Column, positioned near the show’s entrance, is a sculptural form inspired by Brancusi’s sculpture of the same title. Inspired by Japanese origami, the reciprocating forms are assembled into a column of geometric complexity and light. Visitors are encouraged to explore the enclosed internal area to discover an overwhelming futuristic space of facets and light. A second sculpture, Super Nova, will be suspended over the main bar area. This sculpture resembles star formations as well as organic crystal and flower forms. The dish-like structures will levitate and subtly radiate light over the area below as if they were spaceships about to land. The piece sheds light on the universal connection between our macro and micro worlds.

Architect at Work UK

The SCIN Gallery will present LIGHT FANTASTIC, an exhibition that explores how light reveals itself and affects our interaction with materials. Light enhances architectural features and materials while also being a powerful emotional force that creates different experiences. The material exhibition will highlight surfaces that reflect light using fine glass granules, materials that transmit light using fibre optics or filters, what happens when light is absorbed into absolute darkness and how certain materials can transform light into energy. Exciting materials that play with light to create interactive spaces, such as translucent ceramics and glow in the dark bricks, will also be exhibited.

Architect at Work UK

Specially for ARCHITECT@WORK, DAPh has created new work that fits within the theme of ‘Architecture and Light’. DAPh, an abbreviation of Dutch Architectural Photographers, is a collection of specialised architectural photographers who, through collaboration and exchange of knowledge, elevate architectural photography to great heights. Among DAPh’s clients are architects, architectural magazines, construction companies and project developers. will present its latest photography exhibition featuring an international selection of contemporary projects from prominent architects, landscape planners, engineers and designers. Up-and-coming practices will be shown alongside established firms to show a diverse cross-section of what the sector has to offer. Profiles of Selected Architects is a curated platform with a focus on contemporary architecture. This exhibition will be a visual feast for architects and designers alike.

The Pop-Up Book Shop for Architects and Designers will return to the 2018 edition of ARCHITECT@WORK UK. Organised and run by RIBA, this store will give visitors an opportunity to browse and purchase magazines and books that touch on a particular area of specialisation or interest.

Architect at Work UK


Everything from practical applications to more artistic endeavours related to light will be high on the agenda of the talks programme. To complement the talks programme ARCHITECT@WORK has commissioned UK-based Tack Press to produce a series of filmed interviews with some of the architects, designers and engineers who will be speaking. The @Work film series will be available to view online. 

Architect at Work UK

Wednesday 24th January

15:00 – Living with Light

Chair: Dominic Lutyens, freelance journalist

Christina Seilern, Director, Studio Seilern Architects

Tatiana von Preussen, Director, vPPR

Jon Miller, Founder, Architects’ Republic

Jonathan Tuckey, Director Jonathan Tuckey Design

The panel of expert designers will showcase the effect light can have in our homes, from artificial lighting to buildings shaped to let the sunlight in and create mood, atmosphere and space.


16:15 – Frozen light

Chair: Johnny Tucker, Editor, Blueprint

Phil Coffey, Director, Coffey Architects

Paul Raftery, Architectural Photographer

Sam Jacob, Sam Jacob Studios

Laura Mark, Royal Academy of Arts

Photography and architecture have a long and complex history. The best way to communicate buildings and spaces to a global audience is to freeze them in a moment in time as light enters the camera lens. How is this changing in the 21st century, with the proliferation of smart phones and an obsession with social media?


17:30 – Lighting London

Chair: David Michon, freelance journalist

Sarah Gaventa, Director, Illuminated River

Helen Marriage, Director, Artichoke

Simon Keeling, Founder, In Situ

Joy Nazzari, Director, dn&co

At night, the city comes alive and lighting takes on a new role to shape our experiences of the urban landscape. Bridges, streets and clubs are being constantly redesigned to inspire and delight once the sun goes down.


Thursday 25th January

15:00 – Leading lights in workplace wellness

Chair: Clare Dowdy, freelance design journalist

Ceri Davies, Associate Director, AHMM

Catherine van der Heide, Associate, HASSELL Studio

Inessa Demidova, Lighting Designer, Arup

Linda Morey-Burrows, Director, MoreySmith

We spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace but often the lighting is uncomfortable, if not detrimental to our health. Employees understand the importance of health at work and now often choose their future roles based on the quality of life they will get in the office. Why then are we so far behind with the design of artificial and natural lighting in the workspace? Who are the bright sparks leading us out of the dark?


16:15 – What architects should know about lighting

Chair: Mat Waring, Editor, mondo*arc

Paul Nulty, Director, Nulty+

Paul Nulty discusses the role of the lighting designer in contemporary architecture, paying particular attention to common mistakes and the innovative solutions that his team employ to create indoor and exterior spaces which are well lit and inspiring. Working closely with clients, architects, interior designers and engineers, Paul has built up an award-winning studio on the basis that collaboration is key to create atmospheric spaces that don’t take a toll on the planet. He believes that education and open discourse are paramount to make beautiful environments for everyone.


17:30 – The art of light and art

Chair: David Michon, freelance journalist

Anne Fehrenbach, Associate, Stanton Williams

Alice Dietsch, Director, Amanda Levete Architects

John McElgunn, Partner, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Arfon Davies, Director, Lighting, Arup

Cultural venues often lead the charge in terms of high-end design, with huge technical challenges brought about by the requirements for sensitive and beautiful works of art. Visitors to galleries and museums expect inspiring spaces and these buildings often go on to win a raft of design awards. An informed panel of speakers will discuss their projects and the complex issues they face, both in the UK and abroad.

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Architect at Work UK

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