Design Exchange is a creative multidisciplinary global network devoted to the exchanging of ideas.

As the name suggests Design Exchange is about the cross-pollination of ideas. We passionately believe that the future of design will be a space where the boundaries between creative disciplines dissolve.

Our community consists of architects, artists, designers, technicians, interaction designers, makers, bio technologists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, journalist’s, documentary filmmakers, sociologists, engineers, coders, academics, researchers, students and creatives.

Together we like to connect and exchange ideas. Throughout the year we host events, talks, dinners, get-togethers and parties, all supported by our digital platforms and an annual printed magazine.

We get very excited about the unpredictable and magical things that can develop when we mix different creatives together.

The Magazine

Design Exchange was the world’s first interactive magazine of the future, we started playing around with augmented reality and video content a few years back which enhanced our award-winning (#FUTUREFORECAST) printed edition,  mixing the physical (print) and digital (AR) worlds together. We focus on cross-disciplinary collaborations and the exchanging of creative ideas.

Publishing an annual edition allows us to take our time to do things properly.  We are proud to be part of the slow journalism revolution, we don’t worry about being first, we focus much more on informing and supplying creative, in-depth content.

Our last #FUTUREFORECAST edition won 2 awards including winning our printers ‘The Magazine Printers of the year award’.

Our current edition #CHANGE has taken this experimentation to the next level using moving graphics, interaction and animation. Now in shops and available to buy online. Order a copy here

Future editions will continue with our experimental journey looking at new print methods, whilst exploring fresh creative ideas and inspiring formats.  We aim to disrupt and challenge the norm in publishing, each edition is like a mini research piece for our team and partners.  We love our work.

Editorial Board 

In each edition we invite a new guest creator, working in a creative discipline to help us point the magazine in a new and creative direction, which keeps our team very happy.

We have a 8 member editorial board  headed up by John McRae Director at Orms Architects collaborating with artists, writers, academics, creatives and techies.

The magazine is available in print at newsstands and by subscription / buy online.

Past digital edition are available for free on this website ( once the printed edition have sold out ) you can subscribe for updates free by entering your email on our home page

The hard copy is £10.00 to buy in shops, or the same price to buy online store (free postage ) . See the stockists page to view a list of stores / outlets where you can pick up a copy.


We update our website daily with news, projects and events and send out weekly newsletters, sign up for weekly updates on our home page.


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Design Exchange Talks 

We hold different talks and events throughout the year. This is an exciting venture for Design Exchange, bringing people together to discuss and exchange creative ideas, thus allowing us to meet inspiring creative people to gather ideas.

We hope you can make it along to exchange some ideas with us. See our talks page for details.